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Kids + Taguchi = undefinable adorableness!

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A scene in the showers during the tour?! (TaguxMaru Crosstalk) 

T: Do we have any real secrets at this point? …hmm.
N: Everyone in KAT-TUN is a really great person!
T: It would be bad if that was an unexpected fact about us, though (laugh).
N: Oh, right (laugh). Despite how he looks, Koki is a very gentle-hearted man who adores animals.
T: That’s not that surprising anymore, is it?
N: True (bitter laugh).
T: Oh, KAT-TUN gets really heated up in the shower rooms!
N: That we do~!
T: During tours, the shower rooms get really loud. There’s singing and beatboxing… or people talking really loudly.
N: Also, there’s a guy that likes to pull open the curtains!
T: Right! Suddenly it gets a little cold and windy, and when you turn around, Koki is standing there (laugh).
N: Yeah, yeah. And then your underwear is gone, right?
T: Nakamaru-kun, the probability that your underwear is missing is pretty high, isn’t it (laugh).
N: Well, the culprit is usually Koki. But, surprisingly, at times I suspect Koki it turns out to be Kame. 
T: And, during these times, the only ones who are calm are Uepi and Akanishi-kun.
N: Right, usually they don’t get involved (laugh).
T: In their own worlds. Uepi does push ups.
N: Yeah, he works out a lot.
T: It’s always like being in some kind of club. Oh, now that I think of it, something interesting recently in the group is that you often see people cheering each other up, right? When someone is feeling down…
N: We’ve come a long way from what we used to be like… 


POPOLO March 2009

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So refreshing!


Myojo 2014.04 (c) Kattunism

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